Bad Bunny admits he has ‘no commitment to clarify’ Kendall Jenner dating rumours

Bad Bunny admits he has ‘no commitment to clarify’ Kendall Jenner dating rumours

Bad Bunny has opened up about who needs to be in the know about his love life and who doesn’t – and he’s admitted that his fans don’t.

In a 12 September interview with Vanity Fair, the Puerto Rican singer, 29, discussed why he continues to avoid talking about his relationship with 27-year-old Kendall Jenner. Bad Bunny – whose real name is Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio – explained that he is still working on learning to speak English and will only speak it with “some specific people.”

“With one of them, I couldn’t talk to her before,” the singer said.

Bad Bunny never clarified who the “her” referred to, and he also did not confirm or deny reports that claim he is dating Jenner.

Rumours initially circulated that the 818 Tequila founder was dating the Grammy winner after celebrity gossip account DeuxMoi shared a blind item, claiming the two were kissing at a club in Los Angeles in February. “This single, famous model sister was seen playing tonsil hockey with Bad Bunny at a private LA club last night,” read the anonymous message posted to DeuxMoi’s Instagram story.

The rumours quickly resulted in backlash from Bad Bunny’s fans as some called it “cultural betrayal” as Jenner is not a Latina.

Soon after, TMZ published photos of Jenner wrapping her arm around Bad Bunny at a restaurant in Los Angeles. The model appeared to be saying goodbye to the “La Jumpa” singer, before leaning in for a kiss. In April, the rumoured couple were photographed once again, this time riding horses at the Hidden Hills Equestrian Centre in California. At one point, Jenner and Bad Bunny even rode a horse together, as the reality star appeared to snap photos of herself and Bad Bunny from her phone.

But regardless of what fans may think about his dating situation, the singer told Vanity Fair that it’s not something he wants them to know about. “They don’t know how you feel, they don’t know how you live, they don’t know anything, and I really don’t want them to know,” he said.

“I’m not really interested in clarifying anything because I have no commitment to clarify anything to anyone. I am clear and my friend Jomar is clear and my mother is clear. They are the only ones to whom I have to clarify anything. As for Juliana Dominguez from Mississippi I have nothing I need to clarify to her. Never. About anything.”

He continued: “There are people who say that artists have to put up with it. I don’t have to accept anything and everything because I wanted to be an artist. At the end of the day, you listen to me because you want to. I don’t force you to.”

This isn’t the first time the singer has addressed the speculation regarding his relationship with Jenner. In June, Bad Bunny had a cover story with Rolling Stone where he advocated for privacy. “I know something is going to come out. I know [people are] going to say something. People know everything about me, so what’s left for me to protect? My private life, my personal life,” he told the magazine.

When asked if he wanted to clarify whether he’s dating the Kardashians star, Bad Bunny maintained that he wished to keep his private life to himself. “That’s the only answer. In the end, the only thing I have is my privacy,” he said.