Keira Maguire's tears and sleep struggle after Jarrod split

Alicia Vrajlal
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Bachelor In Paradise star Keira Maguire says she’s trying her best to “regain [my] strength” after a darker period following her split from Jarrod Woodgate.

The reality star, who has teamed up with Deliveroo in the wake of her personal heartbreak, says she was very teary and struggled falling asleep straight after the break up.

“I think ultimately I’m doing really well considering it’s been a month,” she tells Be. “I’ve done enough crying and I literally wasn’t sleeping for a good week and the tears were not okay.”

Keira Maguire has opened up about how her split from Jarrod Woodgate affected her. Photo: Instagram/keiramaguire

In an interview with this week, Keira admitted the pair’s romance had led to her feeling ‘depressed’.

“He thinks I have mental health issues but the real problem was I was depressed because of our relationship — I wasn’t depressed because of Instagram,” she told the publication.

“Ultimately what happened is that I lost myself being with him,” Keira tells Be.

“I packed up my life, I moved to Melbourne and I moved into his family home because when we first decided to live together we were in hiding,” she explains.

Keira and Jarod met on Bachelor In Paradise. Photo: Instagram/keiramaguire

“Because I was living in the family home, I lost my independence and then I lost myself and therefore he lost the girl that he fell in love with.

“So right now I’m just wanting to regain my strength and my independence.”

While Jarrod said in a recent New Idea interview that it was Keira’s Instagram career that cost their relationship, she says that’s “a cop out”.

“I think to be honest, he’s hurting at the moment. For me, there’s a lot more that goes on. There was a lot more substance in our relationship.”

Keira has now teamed up with Deliveroo for its ‘Heartbreak Pizza’ campaign. Photo: Deliveroo

She also has an issue with how he broke up with her, which was essentially via a text message. That conveniently brings us to Keira’s latest project, collaborating with Deliveroo for its ‘Heartbreak Pizza’ campaign.

“Deliveroo actually contacted me after they saw that Jarrod had broken up with me over text,” says Keira. [They were like], ‘That was a bit harsh, wouldn’t it be nice if he actually sent you a pizza?’ So that’s how we came up with the concept.”

“There’s obviously ways to break up with people and why not add pizza into the mix.”

Deliveroo’s ‘Heartbreak Pizzas’ will be available till Sunday September 16.

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