The Bachelor's Jimmy reveals hidden detail in rose ceremony

EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelor season nine star Jimmy Nicholson revealed to Yahoo Lifestyle how the order of the rose ceremony works. Watch to find out.

Video transcript

JIMMY NICHOLSON: So as the Bachelor, for me, anyway, I had a list that I-- of the ladies that I wanted to keep around and the ladies that I didn't have-- feel a spark with. So I'm not privy to a lot of the things that go on behind the scenes. So I didn't really give the order a thought.

Consequently, Holly left last many, many times, which she-- which I didn't realize. That's great for dramatic effect as well because you need to throw people off. If we knew that-- who was going to win night one, it wouldn't be an interesting show. So there's a lot that you as the Bachelor don't know about, but I think ignorance is bliss.

Here's the people that I want to keep here. Here's the ladies I want to keep here. That's the order.

HOLLY KINGSTON: That's what-- and that's what matters.

JIMMY NICHOLSON: And that's what matters.

HOLLY KINGSTON: Can I just say, as well, for the girl, on the other side of this, in your interviews the next day, you have to talk about every girl that went before you in the rose ceremony. So there goes so-and-so. And I'm looking at her. She's just got the rose. How am I feeling? Not feeling great. So when you're left to number 20, that--

JIMMY NICHOLSON: Not that fun?

HOLLY KINGSTON: --that leaves you to have to talk about your feelings for 19 girls prior.

JIMMY NICHOLSON: But I kept you on your toes.

HOLLY KINGSTON: Instead of spending two hours in an interview, I would spend four hours because of your actions.

JIMMY NICHOLSON: And this is not to speak about Holly in this instance. Yes, I did give her the last rose on a few occasions, but there were some instances where the order towards the end, I was like, OK, who put in more of an effort tonight? Or who put in more of an effort on this date?

Yes, I still really like her. I still think there's something there, but she didn't come up and talk to me at the cocktail party. She seemed disinterested at one-- on the one-on-ones, or something like that.

And then there comes where you go, you know what? I'm going to put you a little bit later in the order just to show you that, like, you need to let me know you're interested in me. Because at the moment, I can't see your interest in me, and that's how it's playing out. So then you might get the later-- on the lower of the order.