The Bachelor's Jimmy and Holly on living together and life after reality TV

The Bachelor's Jimmy and Holly spill on what it's really like living together. Source: Yahoo Lifestyle Australia

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HOLLY KINGSTON: We started a relationship by moving in together straight off reality TV. We've pretty much moved in a month after the show aired.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: Well, I mean, it's coming up to one year, your official one year anniversary as well. How is--


LACHLAN GUERTIN: That's insane. How is it like?

HOLLY KINGSTON: 18, do you remember?

JIMMY NICHOLSON: 18, yeah, because I messed that a couple of times.

HOLLY KINGSTON: Quite a few. We've been trying to decide when we actually call it the anniversary because it just didn't feel right when he was-- if we did it a few months ago, I mean, that would mean that I would have to kiss eight other boys to make it equal. And I just don't know if that's feasible.

JIMMY NICHOLSON: Yeah, let's talk about that.

HOLLY KINGSTON: We're doing it 18th of May.

JIMMY NICHOLSON: No. Oh, yeah, yeah. I almost messed it up again.


JIMMY NICHOLSON: Which was out, which was finale night when we filmed it. So it was our first night we spent together without cameras, so that's it.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: Well, yeah, living together is such a major step in the relationship as well. And based on your Instagram, everything looks great. Instagram was OK. What was that like when you made that transition from, I guess, dating to being together?

JIMMY NICHOLSON: Do you want to talk to somebody?

HOLLY KINGSTON: [LAUGHS] I mean, look, things moved very quickly. And I think we went in a little bit blind. We've definitely learnt a lot about each other in a very small amount of time. Jimmy is--

JIMMY NICHOLSON: All my great habits which she calls me for.

HOLLY KINGSTON: Yeah. A very noisy eater.

JIMMY NICHOLSON: Before we sat down to have this Zoom call, I actually sat next to her. We're so busy all the time now. It's like, interview, eat, eat, eat, do this, do that. So I sat down to have breakfast, my oats, with Holly. And then she turned to me, she can't stand the sound of people eating. So she turned me and gave me this look. And I was like, so I just went out by myself on the balcony and ate by myself.

HOLLY KINGSTON: No. But we've definitely learnt a lot about each other. I think, obviously, we've partnered with ANZ. And I think that's where we want to talk a little bit about that today. But one of the big things, one of the big reasons where we did think that ANZ was a good alignment to partner up with is that the first kind of quarrels that we had were about finances, because it's such an awkward thing when you first move in with someone to expose yourself like that.

And I've been single for a little while. Jimmy's been single for two years. I mean, you were in an eight-year relationship though, so I think that-- and you lived with the girl. And I think you'd probably dealt with that before. I'd never really dealt with it before-- talking about finances and exposing yourself and your vulnerabilities when it comes to that stuff.

So moving in together, it was within a few months. And this ANZ thing came up. And we'll let you know what, that's actually perfect because it's a way for us to non-awkwardly talk about managing our money.

JIMMY NICHOLSON: I mean, everyone's got bad spending habits.

HOLLY KINGSTON: Don't you do this.

JIMMY NICHOLSON: I tend to do the finances in the relationship. But look, I'm really bad at Bunnings which I realized through working with ANZ and stuff like when we're actually filming some of the stuff behind the scenes. I said, OK, Holly, I think this would be a great idea. We just film a normal shop. Any time you go to the shops, because she'll go to get milk and come back with 16 bags. And I was like, right, that's you. So we can show that we're exposing your sort of financial short fallings.

And then as I was saying that, I was like, oh, by the way, I'll go back to Bunnings after this. And then I came back for Bunnings with a digital door lock which was $600. I went there, no joke, to get some straws to mount--

HOLLY KINGSTON: I actually hide that thing as well. Jimmy had to mount our building, which is like two storeys up. He had to climb the side of the brick wall because this digital door lock doesn't register our thumbprint.

JIMMY NICHOLSON: No, no, no, that was a-- we had a faulty door.

HOLLY KINGSTON: There was a malfunction.

JIMMY NICHOLSON: The point of my story is that it made us realize that it's awkward talking about money when you're in a relationship. And it made us realize that actually we both have bad habits. And you don't want to push it on the other person. It's really great to have a third party sort of thing where you can go, there you go. It's not me telling you that you're spending too much. You are spending too much because look at this. And then I looked at my Bunnings spend over Christmas.

HOLLY KINGSTON: Hardware store generally.

JIMMY NICHOLSON: Hardware store, general, over Christmas. And I almost fell over backwards at how much I was spending. It's pretty scary. So I've since rein that in. And we're having less fights about money, which is great.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: In general as well, what would you say was something when you moved in together and you were like, we're going to have to change that?

JIMMY NICHOLSON: That's a really good question.

HOLLY KINGSTON: There's been quite a few probably.

JIMMY NICHOLSON: There has been a few. Well, apart from the finance side of things, we're just learning each other's habits and learning how to coexist.

HOLLY KINGSTON: I'm a lot more easily ticked off than you are.


HOLLY KINGSTON: We live in a very small apartment. It's lovely. We love it. But as soon as we moved in together, Jimmy was still very working a lot less because of COVID. So he wasn't flying as much, but he's back now. And that's why we're so in-love.

JIMMY NICHOLSON: [LAUGHS] She loves it. I'm off to flying to Cairns this afternoon. And Holly's like--

HOLLY KINGSTON: I'm counting down the hours.

JIMMY NICHOLSON: --what time will you leave?

HOLLY KINGSTON: We'll have a good chat to Lachlan. And then he's off. It's great.

JIMMY NICHOLSON: Yeah. I'll walk out the door. She's like, bye. By the way, kisses. No, no, you get going. Have fun. You're all right. And then she just sighs by herself.

HOLLY KINGSTON: No. There's just a lot of-- we moved in. And we spent a lot of time together. And obviously, we started "100 Honeymoons" which is essentially starting up a new business. So we started up. Sorry, there's a dog literally gnawing at my feet.

We started a relationship by moving in together straight off reality TV. We've pretty much moved in a month after the show aired. So we've seen each other only a few times by the time we decided to make the plunge to move in together. And then you go through all the media scrutiny together. I got my social media back after a few months. And dealing with all of that and dealing with starting a business--


HOLLY KINGSTON: The world of--

JIMMY NICHOLSON: The world of Instagram and all that stuff.

HOLLY KINGSTON: So there was a lot of pressure. And there was pretty much everything against us. And I feel like now, we've gotten to a point where we actually just feel like normal people. And we walk down the street.

JIMMY NICHOLSON: I think people now realize. They go, oh, they're still together. OK, they must actually like each other. When you're at the start, it's like, they're only together because they want to keep people happy or they want fame. It's like, no, no. Yeah, we're still here. Everyone at the start was like, they won't last a minute. Hi.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: The secret contract as well, it's like a three-month contract.

JIMMY NICHOLSON: Oh, yes. I see it go around. Is it over yet? Are you over yet?

HOLLY KINGSTON: You'll never know. You'll never know.

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