The Bachelor's Irena reveals secret process behind choosing a finale dress

The Bachelor star Irena Srbinovska sat down with Yahoo Lifestyle to unpack the process behind choosing a finale dress.

Video transcript

IRENA SRBINOVSKA: So the picking of the dress for finale is actually, it's actually really a nice process, but you've got no say. So straight after you finish filming the last rose ceremony, you're going to separate wardrobes with Kim, the stylist.

LOCKY GILBERT: Kim really is amazing, by the way.

IRENA SRBINOVSKA: She's incredible. She literally pulls out like suitcases of ball gowns and dresses and beautiful couture gowns. So for me, I got to try on, I think it was five dresses. And then out of those five, she takes photos of them and sends it to the head producers. And then they're the ones that decide what I end up wearing.

So I didn't know what I was wearing until the morning of, until they put me in the dress. And immediately, I panicked when I saw mine. I'm like, it's not white. The winner always has a light colored dress, so it's not me. Because I did have a white dress as one of the options.

LOCKY GILBERT: Everyone else was wearing white.

IRENA SRBINOVSKA: No, but the only thing was, I thought, OK, I'm in like an animal print. If Locky's looking like he's dressed for a safari, it's going to be me


IRENA SRBINOVSKA: And you were. So yeah, your pocket square was a giveaway.