New ‘Bachelorette’ Jenn Tran Reveals Fans Should Expect 'a Bit of a Shock’

New Bachelorette Jenn Tran’s voyage to find love begins with a bang—soon after the Fourth of July!

And she shares in a 1:1 interview with Parade that there is shock ahead on Season 21 of the long-running reality show.

Fans will see the franchise’s first Asian-American star meet her 25 guys as they step out of the limos on the first episode Monday, July 8, on ABC.

During the milestone premiere, we're expecting the usual creative entrances and instant connections between Jenn and her suitors.

The history-making leading lady, 26, first captured attention as part of Joey Graziadei’s top six on Season 28 of The Bachelor. But after surfing with Joey, opening up about her parents’ strained marriage and boldly stealing a kiss in front of other women, he eliminated her on Week 7. Jenn was shocked, crying to cameras, “I wasn’t enough. That’s not fun.”

Joey rejected Jenn after they bonded. <p>ABC</p>
Joey rejected Jenn after they bonded.


After losing Joey, 29, who went on to propose to Kelsey Anderson, 26, Jenn said, “I know that somebody else will be happy to be my person.”

She was right, as she was named the next Bachelorette and will have 25 men vying for her heart in Season 21.

The physician assistant recently spilled some secrets of the season to Parade.

Jenn Tran<p>Disney</p>
Jenn Tran


Read on to find out more about what Jenn thought of her season, what she looks for in a man, her passions outside of work, beauty and fashion fun on the show, and how her folks’ troubled relationship influenced Bachelorette choices.

“I think it was a really revealing season,” she told Parade. “I learned so much about myself, so I’d say there was a lot of self-growth there. I’m really excited to watch it back and have everybody kind of join along on my journey.”

Jenn added that she would describe her season as “definitely emotional, surprising, and adventurous.”

Jenn Tran on how her season ended

“The season ended in a way that I didn’t see for myself,” the Bachelorette star noted. “It was definitely a bit of a shock.”

Being careful of course not to spoil the surprises for viewers, she said, “I’m very happy with the way everything played out and how things ended.”

What does Jenn like to do when she’s not at her job?

“I love to work out, I love to paint,” she said. “I’m a big foodie. I love to go out and find  a new restaurant and eat some really good food. I’m very adventurous. I like things like rock climbing, paddle boarding, kayaking.” The star, who currently lives in Miami, added, “I (also) love to just go to the beach and read a book.”

Jenn Tran was thrilled to be named 'The Bachelorette.'<p>Disney/John Fleenor</p>
Jenn Tran was thrilled to be named 'The Bachelorette.'

Disney/John Fleenor

What’s Jenn Tran’s favorite food?

“KFC fried chicken,” she smiled.

Jenn Tran on meeting her men on the first night

“I was really surprised at just how thoughtful they all were, and how much effort they put into their limo entrances and getting to know me on that first night,” the physician assistant told Parade. “Everybody was so intentional and I truly felt so lucky and grateful to be there with them.”

Jenn greeted Sam M. on the first night.<p>Disney</p>
Jenn greeted Sam M. on the first night.


What personality traits was Jenn looking for?

“Someone who was open minded and someone who is willing to be vulnerable with me and willing to challenge me a little bit, too,” she said. “Sometimes I can have my walls up, so it’s nice to have somebody who is vulnerable and willing to push me to be vulnerable.”

Also, Jenn sought a sense of humor in her contestants.

That’s “so important!” she exclaimed. “I think that humor is really the basis of a friendship and a relationship. At the end of the day, love and lust is going to die a little bit. You want to just feel like you’re with your best friend and if you can laugh with them, then that means everything.”

Jenn elaborated that with a man, “I love to make fun of them in a joking way and I need someone who is not going to take that seriously and be upset with me but give it back to me. I love that kind of banter.”

Jenn spills details on her fantasy suites?

The New Jersey-born Bachelorette star said, “With fantasy suites, I very much took that as a time off-camera to talk about some really important things as to what the relationship is going to look like outside of this (reality show) world we’re living in now. Because the world we’re living in on the show—it wasn’t going to be the world in which these relationships were going to be forever. I had to ask some important questions like, ‘How much student debt are you in?’ ‘Who did you vote for?’ Religion. Everything! So I really took that time to get to know them on an even deeper level.”

But that part will be between Jenn and her men as she said, “The fantasy suites are the fantasy suites for a reason, off-camera time. I loved having that time because I was able to see the guys for who they are and the question was, ‘Are you going to be the same person off-camera as you are on-camera? Can we have these difficult conversations?’ ”

How did Jenn keep her lips soft for all her Bachelorette kissing?

“My favorite beauty product that I used on the show was my Dior Maximizer lip gloss, shade 001, a light pink,” she replied. “I can never go anywhere without gloss.”

“There was definitely a lot of reapplying throughout the show for sure.”

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How much did Jenn enjoy her Bachelorette wardrobe?

Jenn sports va-va-voom style in a white hourglass gown for her show premiere and said, “I loved the wardrobe, all the dresses I wore this season. I wear scrubs to work but I’m someone who loves to dress up. I love dresses. My closet is full of dresses that I probably have never worn. I think they look really pretty and then I don’t have an event to go to in them. So I am like a dress collector. But it’s really nice because my friends come over and they always have a dress for whatever occasion that they need. Then they don’t have to go shopping. They shop in my closet.”

Jenn posed proudly with host Jesse Palmer in her fabulous night one gown!<p>Disney</p>
Jenn posed proudly with host Jesse Palmer in her fabulous night one gown!


What was Jenn’s show styling routine like?

The star said she had “a lot” of input into what she wore on The Bachelorette. “I’m not going to wear something that I don’t feel comfortable in and so the stylist worked with me and we’re such good friends so it was easy for him to get to know me and what I want to wear, what I would wear,” she told Parade. “He shopped for me, and picked pieces I would love and if I didn’t, I would tell him ‘I need to wear something else’ and he was really accommodating.”

How did Jenn’s parents’ bad relationship affect her?

“My family is complicated,” she said in the interview. “It’s very untraditional. My [Vietnamese] parents are divorced and my dad’s not really in my life anymore. I think when you grow up in such a tumultuous household of things constantly happening and constantly being in a state of fight or flight, it’s a feeling that you’re used to. So when I was dating previously, I found that I would tend to lean towards men who would give me that feeling of fight or flight because it was so familiar. But [on the show] it was me being aware of that and me trying to reverse that feeling for sure.”

Would Jenn have a TV wedding if things work out for her on The Bachelorette?

“If I were to have a wedding, I don’t know if I would have a TV wedding,” she said. Despite being The Bachelorette, Jenn said after mulling it over, “I’m a really private person when I can be and so I think that if I were to get married one day, I’d probably have a very small, small ceremony.”