Vegan reality star reveals she'll eat meat while pregnant

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Pregnant influencer and reality TV star Angelina Heger has revealed that she has given up her vegan lifestyle until after her baby is born.

Based in Berlin, Angelina starred in the German version of ‘The Bachelor’ and is currently expecting a child with her partner Sebastian Pannek after meeting on season 7 of the reality show.

Influencer Angelina Heger has given up her vegan lifestyle. Photo: Australscope

However, the 27-year-old brunette has revealed her disciplined vegan diet is set to change.

According to a post on Instagram, Angelina reveals she will eat meat until after her baby is born.

“During my pregnancy, I said right from the start that I will not give up anything. If my body says it needs meat, then I will eat meat,” she told her 700,000 followers.

Angelina Heger is expecting a child with her Bachelor partner. Photo: Australscope

However, she added that her pregnancy does not mean she will always be dining out on kebabs and juicy burgers.

“I'm probably just going to eat the same way as most of you, and that means I won’t be as strict on myself as I was before,” she added.

“I am simply going to eat the things I feel I want.”

Angelina starred on the German version of The Bachelor. Photo: Australscope

The vegan blogger added that her pregnancy is going well and she was lucky enough to miss out on some of the more unpleasant aspects such as morning sickness.

She said that she has suffered light cramps on occasion, but otherwise it is proving to be the “perfect pregnancy”.

Angelina hasn’t revealed when her first child is due.

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