'Not at 7.30pm': Fans slam steamy Bachelor pool scene

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
Abbie and Matt's steamy date hasn't gone over well with Bachelor fans online. Photo: Ten

Bachelor fans have raised eyebrows and objections after a steamy pool date between Matt and Abbie got a little too hot to handle.

As part of the hometown visits this week, Abbie treated Matt to a rooftop view of her native Brisbane, and a very hands on swim in the infinity pool.

Clad in a very high cut leopard print bikini, Abbie didn’t hold mince her words in the little conversation the pair managed to fit in.

After Matt complimented her swimmers she turned it up a notch or two with a bold admission.

“It keeps falling off and my nipples keep coming out,” she said. “Ideally I would just be topless right now.”

The pair couldn't keep their hand off each other. Photo: Ten

Not one to beat around the bush, Matt admitted to the camera that the situation was inevitable.

“There is a whole lot more there with Abbie, and we know that, but we haven't seen each other for a while, we're in a pool, scantily clad, we're gonna be making out,” he said.

Not letting their clothes get in the way, the pair then proceeded to share an extended make out in the pool that prompted an outpouring of commentary online.

Matt and Abby only had eyes for each other. Photo: Ten

Objections raised online

Twitter erupted over the steamy scene, with some questioning if it was appropriate for its time slot.

Others questioned if they were even on the right show.

For many it was just a tasteless inclusion.

More to come

Suffice it to say that things are only going to get more steamy with next weeks teaser promising plenty more chemistry.

Next week promises to crank up the heat even more. Photo: Ten

The teaser shows Abbey and Matt getting very intimate on a beach, to viewers concerns.

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