Bachelor Matt Agnew 'got a kick out of' starting rumours ahead of finale

Gillian Wolski
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There appeared to be no end to the rumours in the lead up this year’s finale of The Bachelor. The whole of Australia was a-buzz with questions such as ‘Who wins?’ (spoiler alert: it was Chelsie McLeod) and ‘Do they stay together?’ (yep!)

But now it appears that Bachie Matt Agnew himself was the source behind some of the gossip - and he did it for kicks, too!

Matt’s cheeky confession

In an exclusive chat with Yahoo Lifestyle the day after the finale, the astrophysicist comes clean about his mischevious ways which included posting a photo of himself in Scotland to Instagram earlier this week.

Naturally, the pic sent fans into a meltdown and prompted many to theorize that the 32-year-old had fled the country.

Matt, however, says the surprise snap - which was taken in June 2018 - was, of course, a red herring.

“I purely was throwing up random locations for weeks on my Instagram,” he says.

Matt threw fans into a frenzy with this Instagram snap from Scotland. Photo: Instagram/drmattagnew.

“I was getting a few kicks out of the fact that every time I threw up a new location there was about six or seven articles in relation to why I was in that spot,” he laughs.

“I thought with the Scotland one, ‘[the public] have got to cotton on here,’ but there were still articles like, ‘He’s fled to Scotland’, so yeah, it was amusing to me,” the cheeky Bachie adds.

At the time, Yahoo Lifestyle reached out to Channel 10 for comment but they declined to confirm Matt’s whereabouts.

The happy couple: Matt Agnew poses with Chelsie McLeod, the winner of The Bachelor Australia 2019. Photo: Channel 10.

Bachie’s shock finale

The finale episode contained a major twist in and of itself, with producers deciding to show Chelsie arriving to meet Matt first.

As any seasoned Bachelor fan would know, it’s traditionally the runner up - in this case, Abbie Chatfield - who precedes the winner.

Execs decided to buck the trend, however, sending Chelsie out before Abbie, which caused viewers to meltdown online.

That wasn’t the only matter people took issue with, with many taking to social media to slam Matt’s brutal on-air breakup with Abbie.

Abbie later told Yahoo Lifestyle that she feels that Matt and the producers ‘led her on’ and encouraged her to believe she would win.

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