Bachelor's Leah Costa shares X-rated news with racy pic

Former Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise contestant Leah Costa has revealed she’s decided to launch an account on X-rated site OnlyFans to prove she is a ‘woman in charge’.

Taking to Instagram to share a racy image, the star opened up about being ‘s**t-shamed’ during her time in the reality TV spotlight, and how it spurred her on to set out on this new endeavour.

Leah Costa bachelor
Leah Costa starred on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise. Photo: Channel 10

“0nlyFans Announcement: Back in 2017, I decided to throw my hat in the ring and participate in a little tv show called ‘The Bachelor’,” she wrote in a lengthy post.

“What followed was an experience which I can only identify as intense widespread s**t-shaming by the show, the media, and the general public for working as a topless waitress. During this exercise, imagery of me was released without my consent in an attempt to tarnish my character.”


The video she was referring to was shared by the Daily Mail at the time, showing her working as a topless entertainer back in December 2016. She was wearing nothing but a plaid miniskirt, which she again donned in her latest photo.

bachelor leah costa only fans
Leah shared this racy photo alongside her lengthy post. Photo: Instagram/leahcosta

“Do you know how much money I made from that video? Nothing, nada, zero, zip,” she continued.

“Instead at the time I was bullied, coerced and pressured to apologise for my actions. Now I stand up and say: F*** you, and Thankyou.”

She urged her followers not to let anyone else’s opinion define what they should or shouldn’t be doing, adding that’s why she decided to launch the OnlyFans account.

“It’s ethical, consensual and content shared on my OWN terms,” she said.

“This is a woman on top, a woman in charge and a woman who won’t allow anyone to dictate or her choices or forced to feel ashamed of her body.”

Her followers were quick to praise her bold move.

“You are a strong beautiful and confident girl. I love the fact that you tell it how it is. Respect and admire you for this,” one person commented.

While another added: “Yesssss get it you f*** legend.”

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