Bachelor star's hilarious champagne fail goes viral

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

As if we needed another reason to love the Bachelor, a hilarious moment has gone viral online and people are losing their minds over it. 

The Bachelor is up to season 23 in the US, with this season’s Bachie, Peter Weber, currently on his quest for love on the show. 

However, a romantic moment turned into one of the funniest fails ever, when one of the contestants managed to spray champagne all over herself, with fans calling it karma. 

The whole thing started when Kelsey brought a bottle of champagne into the mansion, which she had kept for a whole year in order to present it to Peter. 

"The bottle shows my heart and what I want. I want to have a husband, I want to have a family,” Kelsey said at the time. 

Kelsey was obviously placing a lot of pressure on this one bottle of bubbly, however, she was left devastated with Peter and another contestant, Hannah Ann, stumbled upon it and decided to drink it themselves. The cheek!

It wasn’t pretty when Kelsey found out that her love bottle had been popped, with the rose-hopeful ending up in tears. 

Later on in the episode, Peter pulled Kelsey aside and offered her another bottle of champagne as an olive branch. 

A delighted Kelsey was then seen taking a swig from the bottle and in what is now being called #champagnegate, the Bachie contestant ended up spraying the liquid all over her face. 

Needless to say, the moment went off on Twitter:

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