The Bachelor’s Florence Alexandra shares brutal opinion on the new season

The Bachelor’s Florence Alexandra sat down with Yahoo Lifestyle to chat about 'The Bachelors' 2023. Watch more.

Video transcript

FLORENCE ALEXANDRA: The three Bachelors-- I'm not sure if it's working. It's a lot. We don't really get to zoom in on one Bachelor. We don't really get to connect with them I think 30 girls is a good number. However, there's 10 for each Bachelor, and I think it's better to have just one Bachelor and then 22 girls each or 28 or however many. But yeah. So far, I'm trying to get used to the whole thing of having three Bachelors, but it's a lot, like, in a literal sense.

Well, I think Thomas is the only classic, proper Bachelor as we know it. I am very impressed with him. I think the reason why he's such a good Bachelor is because he has done the personal growth. He has done the work. His wild days are behind him. He knows who he is. He knows what he's looking for.

When it comes to Jed, he is growing on me. I think he's a sweetheart I could definitely be friends with him, but he would be my friend that I kind of like. I would be like the mom friend to him I think he is a little bit young, a little bit wounded, which is OK. No offense to Jed as a person, but I wonder if he is at that stage in life where you're ready to do these kind of things. I wonder if he has figured it all out yet. I don't think so.

And Felix, I don't know why they cast him as a Bachelor. No offense. He seems like a nice dude-- attractive, good-looking-- but he's not Bachelor material. Like, the things he is saying, it's just super inappropriate, if you ask me. Like, for a Bachelor, you want someone like a Thomas, like, someone who is a true gentleman. That's the whole concept. Like, Felix would do better on "MAFS." I'm an ex-basketball player, and I'm just going to marry the first girl I see. And I hope that she's hot I think he picked the wrong show or the wrong show picked him, sorry to say.

I think they just look at what's happening elsewhere in the world-- New Zealand, America. And I think they just tried to-- oh, you're doing two? Well, we're doing three. Like, that's what they're trying to do. They're trying to constantly reinvent the show. But never change a winning team. I think we started slacking off when we started having two bachelorettes. That didn't really work I liked them. This is not personal. This is just from a business, or I guess, television point of view. Honey Badger didn't really work either, but I could see the appeal of casting, like, an athlete, a well-known athlete. But I think they should stick with a Mattie Jay, a Tim Robards, and just build on that. If something is not working, change certain aspects of the show. But don't just change the whole format because the ratings are very-- yeah. They're very telling for how this season is going, I guess.