Why Rachael secretly pursued Bachelor crew member during filming

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Bachelor contestant Rachael Arahill. Photo: Channel Ten
Bachelor contestant Rachael Arahill. Photo: Channel Ten

Recently eliminated Bachelor contestant Cassandra Mamone, 33, has revealed why 23-year-old Rachael Arahill pursued a relationship with a male producer who worked on the reality TV show.

In an exclusive chat with Yahoo Lifestyle, the jewellery designer from South Australia explains why the fellow bachelorette lost interest in Bachelor Matt Agnew and instead turned her attention to a crew member.

Rachael’s secret romance

“She might’ve thought that she didn’t have much of a connection with Matt and so wanted to check out her other options,” Cass says.

She goes on to reveal that while many of the contestants were openly flirty with the crew, Rachael’s behaviour outstripped the rest.

“Look, Rachael is just herself, you get a bunch of girls who are in their twenties and they’re flirty and they’re having fun,” Cass explains.

“Rachael probably took it that little bit further than anyone else,” she adds.

“I guess that was kind of her path and what she wanted to do.”

Who is Rachael’s reported on-set beau?

Rumours of Rachael’s clandestine romance were confirmed in Thursday night’s teaser trailer for next week.

In the clip, Mary Viturino drops the bombshell on an unsuspecting Matt, saying, “There's one girl in the house, and she's actually interested in someone in the crew”.

The astrophysicist immediately storms off to confront Rachael who is mid-interview elsewhere in the mansion.

While the Bachelor was in the dark about the personal trainer’s fling, Cass explains that it was an open secret among the bachelorettes.

“[Rachael] did mention a couple of things on a few occasions, but we all took it as banter,” she says.

As to the identity of Racheal’s on-set beau, Cass says he’s “a mystery man” - for now at least.

Rachael earlier this week may have accidentally revealed that she’s leaving the show sooner rather than later by updating her Instagram account.

The Bachelor Australia airs 7.30pm Wednesdays and Thursdays on Channel 10 and 10play.

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