Bachelor Blake Garvey and Louise Pillidge: Yes, it's on!

Bachelor Blake Garvey and Louise Pillidge are preparing to take their relationship public, following his broken engagement to winner, Sam Frost. Photo: Getty Images

The Bachelor saga 'continues with confirmation that Blake Garvey and second runner-up, Louise Pillidge are preparing to take their relationship public. The couple went to ground this week ahead of their paid coming out as an item.

The big revelation backs up rumours that a different bachelorette had stolen the 31-year-old real estate agent's heart - talk which began to swirl immediately following last week's dramatic Bachelor finale – despite Blake's romantic proposal to winner Sam Frost.

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One bachelorette, who has chosen to remain anonymous, has spoken to New Idea and revealed that the producers were "pushing him to pick Sam", and he had let Louise go as he was worried she wouldn't be able to handle the pressure of being in the final two.

“After the show finished airing, Blake rang Sam and told her he thought he made the wrong decision, that he thought he should have chosen Louise, and that production pushed him to choose Sam!” says the source.

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She also added that since filming wrapped six-weeks ago, Louise has been struggling to cope with the situation and that she's absolutely devastated. “She wasn't going to work, she wasn't doing anything she was so upset", says the source.

Opening up about what Bachelor Blake was really like, the anonymous bachelorette says she found him "boring and sterile", adding that he wouldn't have a single conversation with any of the girls off camera.

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Bachelor Blake proposed to winner Sam Frost during the finale of The Bachelor which aired on October 2. Photo: Channel Ten

"He would get so awkward when the cameras weren't rolling."

"Sam said that on the date where he gave her the necklace, even though he was so affectionate on camera, he wasn't affectionate at all off camera. He would barely talk to her and didn't want anything to do with her as soon as the camera's stopped rolling."

Following the shock split, 25-year-old Sam has been surrounded by her her fellow bachelorettes, who have thrown their support behind the blonde beauty, actively posting on social media.

Louise however has remained suspiciously quiet on social media, absent from a number of events with the fellow ladies, and winner Sam has revealed she was one of the only girls she hasn't spoken to since filming wrapped.

"It's disappointing, I love her, but yeah, she's kind of gone M.I.A." she said.

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