Aussie Bachelor kicks off with a new level of cringe

Penny Burfitt
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Matt's prospects aren't looking too good. Photo: Ten

The Bachelor is famous for serving up some of the most cringeworthy television moments in living memory, but a new sneak peek at the upcoming season has us thinking this one may knock them all out of the park.

The only lady we meet properly in the promo is Abbie who unfortunately had a bit of a stumble at the first hurdle.

“So what do you do?” Abbie asks, prompting Bachie Matt Agnew to tell her that he’s an astrophysicist.

“Ok, I’m a Gemini,” the bubbly blonde replies.

"I'm a gemini" Photo: Ten

As the whole world winces, Matt steps up to save the day like the astrophysi... - er, gentleman, he is.

“I’m a Leo,” he says in the type of tone we may be able to forgive, given the circumstances.

Unclear if she mistook astrophysicist for an astrologer, or just made the loose connection between Matt’s telescope and her horoscope, Abbi bounces off blissfully unaware.

On contestant was feeling extremely optimistic. Photo: Ten

We then get treated to another extended soliloquy about why Matt being an astrophysicist is a great metaphor for his quest for love, which ends with another absolute cracker.

“At the end of the day you can’t have a cuddle with a PHD,” he bashfully tells the camera, and we all wince as one.

Adding to the general air of crazy is a montage of the other contestants who traipse out in everything from a samba costume, to a wedding dress (please no), to a motorbike, to a BYO red carpet.

A samba dancer was one of the less bizarre entrances paraded out. photo: Ten

The general atmosphere is summed up best by a faceless voice which squeals: “I can’t believe he’s smart, that’s so exciting”.

We can’t wait for the season to air.

Oh dear... Photo: Ten

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