Dash cam captures baby's dramatic birth in the back seat of a car

A baby’s birth has been captured on dash cam as she made a speedy arrival in the back of her parents’ car.

Kara Lee was being taken to Nottingham City Hospital by husband Stewart Lee, 32, when she suddenly got the urge to push.

The couple arrived to the hospital car park but it was too late to get Kara inside, so she was forced to deliver her baby in the back seat of the car, just ten minutes after her waters broke.

“As I got into the car my waters broke and as we pulled into the car park I couldn’t move as her head was coming out,” the 32-year-old told Nottinghamshire Live.

“It all happened so fast and I think I was just in shock.”

A woman’s birth has been captured on dash cam. Photo: Mega

At 3.07pm their baby daughter Kaitlyn was born, weighing 8lb 4oz, and though the dash cam didn’t capture the birth visually, the audio could be heard.

“All right sweet, lets see what happens with the next contraction,” one of the midwives, who came to help, can be heard saying in the footage above.

“No we’re not going to have enough time to go in, breathe, breathe, let the baby out,” she goes on to tell a colleague.

The dash cam was filming the whole time. Photo: SWNS

Just moments later we hear “Hello baby, have we got a towel”, before Kara asks if her newborn is ok.

“She’s fine – she’s just thinking about having a cry. Well done Kara, we’ll get you a wheelchair, when you’re ready we will transfer you in.”

The couple, who have three boys already aged 10, six and four, decided to release the dash cam footage as a way of thanking the team of midwives who met them in the car park and helped to deliver their baby.

“We completely forgot about the dash cam still being switched on,” Kara said.

“You can’t see anything because it’s pointed out the back window but you can hear all you need to hear.”

Dad Stewart said if they had been any slower he would have had to deliver the baby in the street.

“The midwives were amazing – I can’t thank them enough.

“They even managed to put a couple of screens around the car so we could have some privacy.

“As people walked past they heard the screams so must have thought ‘what’s going on over there?’”

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