Babylon’s Diego Calva reveals how Margot Robbie helped him get the role

On the red carpet of the Australian premiere of 'Babylon', star Diego Calva revealed how co-star Margot Robbie helped him land the role. Watch to find out.

Video transcript

- How does it feel for you to be nominated for awards in your first major Hollywood film?

DIEGO CALVA: Well, it's surreal. I think there's no way to wait to be ready for all this, but I just feel proud of what we did, what we accomplished. And I don't know, the nomination is not only mine. It's from everyone.

- And I read somewhere that you owe your casting to Margot Robbie, why is that?

DIEGO CALVA: Because we did like our first chemistry reading together. That was the day I met Damian, I met Margot. My first time in Los Angeles and she made me feel so secure. And then, the magic happened. Yeah, yeah.

- That's amazing.