Baby has sweetest reaction to seeing snow for the very first time: ‘So wholesome’

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A little boy’s first time experiencing snow will have you smiling within seconds.

TikToker Georgia is mom to 10-month-old Justin. The pair lives in Toronto, Canada, so it was only a matter of time before Justin saw snow.

The big day happened in November, when Georgia brought Justin outside in a cozy fleece coat. She held the baby boy in her arms as he witnessed snowflakes falling from the overcast sky. His reaction was everything.

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“His reaction to snow for the first time,” Georgia wrote in the caption. “The way he looks around and then squishes his face together.”

Justin was as curious as ever. He darted his gaze around, in awe of the scenery. Each time the falling snow caught his eye, he would giggle in amazement.

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The weather that can feel so gloomy and taxing for adults wasn’t something the baby boy took for granted. It was pure magic.

The joyful video received over 3.3 million views on TikTok.

“So wholesome. We hope it snows every day for that smile,” a user commented.

“[His] smile had me smiling, and I was in a really bad mood today,” another wrote.

“I watch this video every day. My days are super stressful, and the moment I watch this video, it brings a smile [to] my face,” someone said.

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