Baby Name Regrets

Nearly one in 10 parents wish they could rename their child, according to a new survey.

According to, eight per cent of parents reported baby-name regret – mostly due to following trend names or holding on to childhood favourites.

"It’s sad there are parents who feel the names they gave to their children perhaps don’t hold such a special meaning," said Wayne Bloore from

Parents struck by regret can legally alter their child’s moniker at the registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

The names parents wish they hadn’t
Boys: Beckham, Axl, Kai, Kester, Jordan, Joaquim
Girls: Apple, Chardonnay, Peaches, Madonna

Points to consider when naming your child:

Baby-name books and websites list thousands of names and usually include their meanings. Meaning can be very important to some parents, who may want to pass on the admirable qualities they value to their child. Some people choose to uphold family tradition by choosing their own names or those of older generations, although nowadays this seems to be more popular with middle names.

Check it out
When you find a name both your and your partner like, look at the initials to check you won’t embarrass your child with a name that may cause ridicule (Patrick Ignatius Green becomes ‘PIG’, for example!), or that could produce insulting nicknames, as kids inevitably shorten and rhyme with the names of others.

Is it difficult to spell?
Consider spelling and pronunciation, too. Some people like such unique names that they become hard for others to pronounce. Other parents like unusual spellings, which can make things difficult for the child later on.

What do you think? Did you regret your child's name? What are your thoughts on usual names or creative spelling?