Hey Alexa! Baby hilariously reacts to Amazon command instead of her own name

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A baby appears to think her name is Alexa after her parents used the Amazon voice-activated assistant one too many times.

Haley's mum shared the video to her TikTok account, showing Haley's dad calling the ten-month-old's name, but her reacting only to "Alexa!".

The video is titled: "When your baby thinks her name is 'Alexa' because clearly we say it too much."

Three images of baby Haley playing on the floor from TikTok video in which she responds to the Amazon Alexa command
Ten-month old Haley thinks her name is Alexa, the Amazon virtual assistant. Photo: TikTok/@hsquadmama

After the cute toddler did not respond to her own name, her dad calls out "Alexa", and she looks over at him.

"Do you think your name is Alexa?" her father asks. "Oh no!"

The video has hit a note with fellow parents, being watched almost two million times in two weeks!

Hilariously, Amazon has quickly gotten into the spirit of the video, by posting from their Alexa account: "Do I have to go by Haley now?"

Others joked it was better than thinking her name was Google (as in "hey Google") or Siri, the Apple assistant!

"Legally, I think this requires you to change her name," one commented playfully.

"It’s okay, this happens all the time, you just have to reboot both of them at the same time, it’s just a glitch," another added.

Others sympathised with the parents' plight, saying their children also got mixed up.

"Hahahha, this is literally my baby too! My baby’s name is Helen and she only responds to Alexa," one said.

Haley isn't the only bub whose parents have shared similar videos.

In 2019 a mum said her daughter Caroline also thought her name was Alexa.

"That's not your name," she laughs as Caroline responds to "Alexa".

It's not just girls who are mistaken.

Ryan Whitehouse's son Louie barely bats an eyelid when his dad calls Louie, but responds when Alexa is called.

While this is truly a first-world problem, it is sure to have been exacerbated by more parents staying at home during the pandemic and relying on technology to make their lives easier.

We bet there is now a whole load of parents googling how to rename Alexa though!

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