Baby gives 'thumbs up' from the womb

Cheryl Stevenson and Paul Schofield got a thumbs up from their baby in the womb during a recent ultrasound scan. Photo Credit: MEN Syndication (inset)

While most soon-to-be parents on their way to an ultrasound would want nothing more than to see a healthy, happy baby, this couple was given some additional reassurance that their little one was doing well!

Cheryl Stevenson and Paul Schofield, from Greater Manchester, England, visited Saint Mary's Hospital in Manchester for a routine 20-week scan. While carrying out the ultrasound, the nurses were presented with a ‘thumbs up’ hand gesture.

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The pair, who already have an 18-month-old son,also found out that the sex of their bub - a little baby boy. We bet his mum and dad are hoping their littlie is as relaxed after he is born as he is in the womb!