Baby gender reveal goes hilariously wrong

Olivia Morris
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Ah, the 21st century. The day and age of a lot of interesting trends.

One of which includes the major craze of baby gender reveal parties.

However, for Brittany and Max McCauley, it didn’t exactly go to plan.

Brittany and Max McCauley’s gender reveal party didn’t exactly go to plan. Source: Twitter / clariceguido

The couple had the fun idea to combine the gender reveal with Max’s 27th birthday and, of course, the birthday boy wanted to have a themed birthday after his favourite past-time. Baseball.

In-keeping with the theme of the party the gender reveal was to happen with a powder-filled ball, to be pitched by Brittany and batted by Max.

“I was quite anxious and nervous that I was going to mess up the pitch and Max kept telling me to back up because he wanted me to be at regulation baseball field distance!” she told People magazine.

But in her heart of hearts she “knew” she “was going to mess up”.

The powder-filled ball went straight past Max. Source: Twitter / clariceguido

As the mum-to-be pitched the ball, it went straight over Max and hit his father, Scott, right in the face.

The grandfather-to-be was left covered in blue powder and ended up being the unplanned target for the gender reveal of his new grandchild.

The grandad-to-be got hit by the powder-filled right in the face. Source: Twitter / clariceguido

What a hilarious way to find out you’re giving birth to a boy.

Even better, they’ve got it all on video to look back on.

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