The must-have baby item with over 18,000 5-star reviews on Amazon Australia

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mum feeding baby and Philips Drying Rack
This Philips Drying Rack has loads of five-star reviews on Amazon Australia. Photo: Getty and Amazon

Between all the new furniture, toys and clothes, the amount of things you accumulate with a new baby is insane - especially considering their size!

Just feeding baby requires a truck load of equipment if you’re not exclusively breastfeeding, but one nifty gadget has received rave reviews online for helping to keep your bottles, dummies and pump parts organised.

The Philips Avent Baby Bottle Drying Rack is a slimline drying rack specifically designed to hold all the things you’re constantly washing up with a baby at home.

There are eight long prongs for bottles of all different sizes and eight shorter prongs for bottle tops, teats and dummies.

There’s plenty of room for airflow and the drip tray easily pops out for convenient emptying.

Philips bottle drying rack
The differently sized prongs allow you to stack all parts of the bottle, dummies and your breastfeeding pump parts easily and without taking up too much room. Photo: Amazon Australia

Parents have given it a five-star review rating on Amazon Australia saying it’s great for keeping baby’s things separate from the rest of the washing up.


Of the over 18,000 global reviews, one shopper described it as the “perfect size with plenty of space between for optimal drying while another said it’s, “easy to clean and keep clean,” which is essential when you’ve got a little one to worry about.

At $24.95 it’s not an expensive addition to your baby collection, and it’s currently on sale for $19.95.

A slightly more expensive option is this Grass Drying Rack from Boon which retails for $32 at Woolies

It’s an aesthetically pleasing choice that adds a splash of colour to your benchtop but unless you also purchase the separately sold accessories like the bottle tree, it doesn’t offer much flexibility for stacking things like dummies and teats.

Boon Grass Drying Rack
The Boon Grass Drying Rack is a drying rack in disguise. Photo: Woolworths

It’s also a bit more annoying to clean and it’s recommended you regularly pour warm water and white vinegar into the base of the drying rack, let the blades soak in that mixture for 10 minutes, and then rinse clean.

That hasn’t stopped it from being a very popular product however, and the Boon Grass Drying Rack also has a five star rating on Amazon Australia from close to 9,000 global reviews.

Another handy tool that saves you trying to shove a sponge through those impossibly narrow bottle heads is a bottle brush.

bottle brush from Munchkin with a sponge top
This brush from Munchkin has a sponge on the top for a really thorough clean. Photo: Amazon Australia

Ones with a sponge on the end are great for picking up any caked on gunk right at the bottom of the bottle that some bristle only brushes struggle with.

Dr Browns and Munchkin both make a sponge top bottle brush with a handy rubber attachment that pops out of the base to clean the bottle nipple.

The Munchkin version is BPA free and retails for $12.54 for a two pack, while the Dr Brown’s model is $9.34 for one.

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