Awkward moment man gets friend-zoned on TV

Bianca Soldani
Acting Lifestyle Editor

No one enjoys getting dumped, but there are few scenarios worse than having it happen in public in front of a television audience.

Steve had his heart broken while on a US game show, after he and Jessie – the woman he apparently thought was his girlfriend – were interviewed by the host.

When asked how long they’d been together, Steve replies six months, but Jessie has a completely different reaction.

Laughing loudly to camera, she corrects the host, saying “we’re friends, we’re just friends but he wants it…”

Her ‘friend’ then asks if they can talk about it later, but she very clearly reiterates, “I’m single guys, I’m single! We’re really good friends.”

Ouch. It’s painful to watch.

One person on Twitter summed it up pretty nicely:

Taking to Instragram later, Jessie clarified that she and Steve were always just friends.

“He’s my friend, you can ask him! We’ve been friends for years, we’re really, really, really good friends, and that’s all we’ve ever been.

“I just want to set the record straight, that I’m not evil.”

And to prove her point, she shared this photo of them at the beach together:

However, it’s since come to light that Jessie is an aspiring actress with her own IMDB profile, so it could even be the case that the whole thing was just a hoax for publicity.

In which case, they definitely fooled us!

Jessie is an actress with an IMDB profile

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