Awkward interview with polyamorous trio

Kristine Tarbert

Three lovers have spoken out about their polyamorous relationship on TV but many viewers were distracted by the awkwardness of it all.

Meet Aussie's Michael, his wife of 15 years Angel, and his girlfriend Maddie.

Michael, Maddie and Angel are in a polygamous relationship. Photo: Ten

The trio wanted to share details of their lives together on The Project, but before the interview even started, host Waleed Aly’s introduction caused some serious cringing.

Michael and Angel were high school sweethearts until they decided they wanted to try other things without breaking up. Now Michael also has a girlfriend Maddie, while Angel also has another relationship on the side.

“But that doesn't mean what Michael and I have is a superior or a primary relationship, it is just an extra relationship,” Angel said.

The interview was a little awkward. Photo: Ten

To clarify though, they are not a three person couple – or thrupple – because Maddie and Angel aren’t ‘together’, instead they consider themselves best friends.

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During the interview Maddie also reveals she is asexual and for her a relationship is based on emotions and romance, not sex.

As the broadcast went on viewers were happy to support the trio, but many pointed out the interview was just a little awkward.

Michael made sure to support both his partners. Photo: Ten

Michael seemed to make a point of sharing his affection equally, and every time one of his girls was speaking he’d place his hand on their knee.

Michael, who juggles both women, admits he doesn’t really feel jealous.

“I don't suffer jealousy. I don't feel jealous, typically speaking so I spend most of my time making sure my partners aren't feeling jealous,” he said.

We’ll be honest, the thought of having to maintain two relationships seems like a lot of effort.

But hey, if it works, it works. All the best to them.

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