Avril Lavigne heats up Instagram in bikini photos: 'She didn't age'

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Avril Lavigne traded in her usual pop-punk-style for a green, cutout, string bikini — and fans are loving it.

The "Sk8er Boi" singer took to Instagram to share a set of photos for her more than 9.4 million followers soaking up the summer sun.

Avril Lavigne in a black dress on the red carpet
Avril Lavigne's latest photos are heating up Instagram. Photo: Getty Images

"Summer in Malibu," she captioned the post.

The 36-year-old's risqué photoshoot was quickly met with praise from fans for ditching her go-to style and "showing off her sexy side."

"I love this so much!" one Instagram user commented. "From black eyeliner, cuffs and wallet chains, to showing off your sexy side. Is there anything you can't pull off?"


"I'm not used to seeing this side of her," another echoed.

"Okay, I wasn't expecting this whatsoever, but go off!" someone else wrote.

"Who knew she had a body like this underneath all those baggy punk rock clothes?" another fan chimed in. "I am shocked and obsessed!"

Others pointed out that Lavigne has seemingly defied the laws of aging and looked as youthful as ever.

"Is she a vampire?" one fan wrote. "She didn't age at all."

If there's one thing about Lavigne's style that may never change, it's her signature makeup. It's safe to call Lavigne the queen of smokey eyeliner.

In a 2020 interview with NYLON , the Canadian singer-songwriter revealed that she has contemplated recording a video tutorial of her smudged eyeliner look.

“I was thinking today that maybe I should film myself doing makeup,” she said, adding, “I’ll be like, ‘Hi, today I’m going to be an influencer. Let me get my camera angle right.’ We’ll do everything except contour.”

Lavigne went on to explain that there are very specific steps she takes to get her eyeliner just right, starting with using more than one colour.

“With a smoky eye, you cannot just do black,” she noted. “You start with white, then you put grey, then a little bit of brown, and then black on the ends. You have to blend all these colours."

Additional reporting by Ellie Spina

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