Avengers fan risks marriage to see new film

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A mum is fuming after her husband chose the film over family. Photo: Getty Images

Avengers: EndGame is making a splash across the globe this weekend, breaking box office records left right and centre and leaving loyal fans in a spin over avoiding spoilers.

One woman, however, is no fan of the Marvel finale after her husband ditched family time, leaving his children distraught, in order to see the epic conclusion on its opening night.

The irate mum took to Mumsnet to vent her frustration after the lure of the finale to the 22 marvel universe films proved too much for her husband when he got home from a work trip.

“DH (dear husband) was away for 4 days for a work trip and came home late last night,” she explained.

She said though she was looking forward to a ‘cosy’ family dinner with the couple’s three children it appeared he had other plans.

The husband had plans to watch the new Marvel film he wasn’t going to change. Photo: Avengers: Endgame

“He is off to spend 3 hours at the cinema because he MUST see the new Avengers film tonight,” she said.

“One of the children is in tears because he is confused that daddy is back after being away but has to go again.”

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The post drew a mixture of responses from fellow mums, some of whom had no sympathy for the superhero-mad dad.

“I wouldn’t be happy, either. I think this is very selfish of him,” said one.

“ Utterly unacceptable to upset your own children needlessly,” said another.

“Is he 10 years old? Ridiculous behaviour from a man, especially after a business trip and you have children,” said a third.

There were some sympathetic fans out there, however, who rushed to defend the dad.

“It’s the end of a series that has spanned 22 films and almost a decade,” said one fellow fan. I’m actually with him on this one because I know how important it is to fans.”

“There will be spoilers all over in the next 2 seconds,” another user pointed out. “There will be other family evenings.”

“It is really, REALLY hard to avoid people spoiling that film for you. I can see both sides.” said another.

With mixed reviews emerging in the wake of the films release this Thursday, we hope it was worth it for this dad, and so does his wife.

“I said: ‘I hope it’s worth it and enjoy your film.'” she concluded.

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