Avatar has long way to go to become most popular movie of all time

James Cameron's sci-fi epic "Avatar" may have sunk "Titanic" to become the most successful film in terms of box office receipts but it still has some way to go to become most popular movie of all time.

As ranked by US website Hollywood Reporter, "Avatar" is actually 26th on a list of the number of tickets sold to cinemagoers.

"Avatar's" success is a phenomenal feat in terms of box office receipts, but its 'most money ever' triumph can be largely attributed to inflation, rising ticket prices and the fact most cinemas are charging extra for 3D movies, thanks to the additional cost of 3D technology and handing out 3D glasses.

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Based on the number of tickets sold, "Avatar" is actually still a long way off number one and is in fact the 26th biggest film of all time so far, having sold 76,421,000 tickets (based on US cinema attendance).

The classic "Gone With The Wind" is in the top spot having sold a staggering 202,044,600 tickets.

It's possible "Avatar" could still topple "Gone With The Wind" from the top spot, as most watched movie ever, as it’s still selling out cinemas across the world, but for now it still has some way to go.

Take a look at the Top 20 Movies of all time according to the number of tickets sold, as ranked by US website Hollywood Reporter.

  1. 1. Gone With the Wind - 202,044,600

  2. 2. Star Wars -178,119,600

  3. 3. The Sound of Music - 142,415,400

  4. 4. ET: The Extra-Terrestrial - 141,854,300

  5. 5. The Ten Commandments - 131,000,000

  6. 6. Titanic - 128,345,900

  7. 7. Jaws - 128,078,800

  8. 8. Doctor Zhivago -124,135,500

  9. 9. The Exorcist - 110,568,700

  10. 10. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - 109,000,000

  11. 11. 101 Dalmatians - 99,917,300

  12. 12. The Empire Strikes Back - 98,180,600

  13. 13. Ben-Hur - 98,000,000

  14. 14. Return of the Jedi -94,059,400

  15. 15. The Sting - 89,142,900

  16. 16. Raiders of the Lost Ark - 88,141,900

  17. 17. Jurassic Park - 86,205,800

  18. 18. The Graduate - 85,571,400

  19. 19. Star Wars: Episode I - 84,825,800

  20. 20. Fantasia - 83,043,500

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