Woman Tells Neighbor Go Back to 'Own Country' After Being Asked to Turn Music Down

Edmonton man Marco Moukhaiber was not expecting the extreme response he got from a neighbor after he asked her to keep her music down.

Video he posted from their apartment building shows Moukhaiber knocking on his neighbor’s door to ask her to lower the volume. Minutes later, Moukhaiber was confronted at his own door by the now enraged neighbor.

His footage shows her warning Moukhaiber “Don’t you ever come to my door again” before launching an expletive-laden tirade and telling Moukhaiber “go back to your own country.”

Speaking to local news about the incident, Moukhaiber noted that, whereas he was born in Canada, his neighbor had a strong Scottish accent.

Moukhaiber said the clips here were recorded after 10 pm on Thursday, April 9, and that they were filmed 13 minutes apart. He said he contacted police and the building manager but hopes it’s a lesson to people to stay calm during the coronavirus lockdown. Credit: Marco Moukhaiber via Storyful