Crews battle fierce boat fire at port in Indonesia

Crews battled a fire on a passenger boat on Sunday evening (March 7) on a moored boat at Sorong city port in Indonesia's West Papua. All passengers and crew were able to escape, according to Newsflare's filmer, a local journalist. Video shows the entire boat, Kapal Motor Fajar Baru 8, in flames and firefighters tackling the blaze with hoses. The fire is thought to have been started by discarded cigarette butts, the journalist said. Interviewed on camera is Jece Julita Piris, head of Sorong's port authority and harbormaster office (KSOP). The fire began on the rear deck, she said. The boat's 138 passengers and 11 crew had recently arrived from Waisai in the Raja Ampat Islands, Indonesia. The ship's captain and crew are being questioned by KSOP.