Women, How Would They Sell Cars Without Them?

June 18, 2009, 12:38 pmautos

Women, How Would They Sell Cars Without Them?

Women, How Would They Sell Cars Without Them??

Ever since the car was created, women have been used to promote them. We've all seen the pictures of women scantily clad across the bonnet of a car, and I am not referring to the men's magazines!! Pirelli tyres very proudly announce the launch of their calendar each year filled from front to back with women in attire that you wouldn't change a tyre in.

Even at motor shows women are just as much a part of what's on show as the cars. Although at least they have male models these days too.

So when Audi wanted to promote their very, very sexy Audi R8, they used a very, very sexy woman. At least this ad has a twist-and a lot of style!

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