Samantha Stevens, motoring writer chats to

Q1. What's the best thing about your current occupation?
I get paid to travel the country driving and racing cars. What could be better than that!

Q2. When you were young, what was your dream occupation?
Never the introvert, I wanted to be a movie star, and followed that dream in a way with an early career in film post-production behind the camera. But it doesn't pay well enough to get you into motor racing... Now I talk to the camera while driving a car. Women are great multi taskers!

Q3. What car do you drive?
I own a 1991 Nissan Pulsar GTI-R. It's a homologation model for rally, and while it looks small, its cream hatch body hides an all-wheel-drive turbocharged drivetrain which rivals the Evos and STi's.

Q4. Favourite feature of your car?
It has a rather unusual top-mounted intercooler for the turbo, which requires a mesh grille on the bonnet to catch the air. It looks like a huge cheese grater! It's a very aggressive car.

Q5. What was your first car?
I also ride horses, so my first car was a 1985 GQ Nissan Patrol short wheelbase. It's a two-door, so I removed the fibreglass rear shell to turn it into an oversized jeep. Wind in hair from great heights.

Q6. Any memorable (or not so) motoring moments?
I recently crashed out while co-driving at a tarmac rally. My driver made a mistake and planted my side of the car into a tree!

Q7. Dream car, and why?
The Ferrari F40. Just look at it!

Q8. What music are you listening to in your car at the moment?
The sound of the engine baby.

Q9. What's your favourite road trip or drive destination?
Targa Tasmania. A five-day fang around the island on closed roads with wonderful people and fabulous cars.

Q10. You're on a road trip from Adelaide to Perth - name your three dream passengers and why.
My wonderful partner and fellow racer Dean, my cat Remi who loves coming for drives with us (he thinks he's a dog), and co-driver and best friend Simone so we don't get lost!

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