Australian sporting codes reaffirm support for voice

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* We, as a collective, support recognition through a voice

* Sport plays a significant role in reconciling Australia. It has long been a means for the inclusion and celebration of the incredible achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

* We encourage all Australians who love sport to listen with an open heart and an open mind through this historic moment

* Together we share a vision for the future as a nation that values equality, fairness, and the rights of the traditional custodians of our land - the land on which we play, love and celebrate sport in Australia


* "Sport is a language that everyone understands. It brings us together and if we can use that to promote and foster a better way of understanding each other and understanding that, through our differences we actually gain strength, then that can only be a positive thing." - Andrew Abdo, NRL chief executive

* "As an inclusive and diverse body, as a body that represents two million participants across the country, and as a governing body that represents a diverse and multicultural community, we need to make sure that we're a values-led organisation. That's why we've taken the position we have." - James Johnson, Football Australia chief executive

* "The Australian Constitution at the moment recognises Queen Victoria recognises lighthouses even recognises coinage, but is silent on the history and existence of the first peoples of this country." - Tanya Hosch, AFL general manager of inclusion and social policy

* "We're Australians, and we're going to be asked to vote yes or no. So what's wrong with us having a voice? What's wrong with us having an opinion? Sport plays such a significant place in Australian society that I think this time, in particular, politics and sport should mix." - Mal Meninga, Australia rugby league head coach

* "While this may be a small step, it's a step that we all want to be a part of. Sport has always been an equaliser for our people. It's always given us the opportunity to be the best thing we can be." - George Rose, No Limits Boxing chief executive.