Austin Forkner Injury Update - Brain Surgery

After a strong start to the 2024 Supercross East Region Championship, Forkner found himself in a big crash during round 2 in February. He was ejected off the bike and track where he suffered spine and scapula injuries. Expected to make a full recovery and return to racing the AMA Pro Motocross series currently underway, he has missed the first 4 rounds.

Forkner announced today that while preparing for the outdoor season the doctors recommended testing his head before returning to racing. In that, they found an AVM (arteriovenous malformations). Essentially a "cluster of blood vessels that are abnormal." A condition Forkner said he was born with and has known about since 2017 when it bled once before. To avoid any future complications, Forkner removed it just two weeks ago. After a successful surgery, he now hopes to return to riding in 3 months and is eager to prepare for the 2025 season. Watch his detailed video update below.

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