Aussies mocked for sporting North Face jackets in viral video

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There’s one item of clothing you need if you want to blend in with the locals in Bondi this winter, according to a video that’s gone viral on TikTok.

British influencer Olan, who has been living in Sydney for the past two years and has clocked up a considerable following under the handle @olantekkers, shared a hilarious video at the weekend mocking Bondi residents for donning their thickest North Face jackets on a sunny winter’s day.

“Welcome to mornings in Bondi,” he says, before cutting to footage of people walking around the beach-side suburb and narrating, “Mate, sun’s f***ing out, chuck on a North Face.”

“Oh coffee? North Face! Oh I just want to go for a little jog? North Face again!”

Three bondi locals wearing black North Face jackets and vests
Some of the puffer jacket-wearing locals featured in Olan's now viral video. Photo: TikTok/@olantekkers

The clip, which has picked up 1.3 million views, shows about half a dozen locals all wearing the brand’s iconic puffer jackets or vests as they go about their morning routines. Many of the men have paired their bulky jackets with shorts, while many of the women have opted to wear theirs with leggings or tracksuit pants.


The video was met with thousands of comments from Aussies justifying the need for the winter warmers.

“The sun makes no difference, if it’s under 25 degrees it’s COLD,” one person says.

“Brev it’s like 19 degrees out here we’re used to 30,” remarks another, while a third notes, “The sun doesn’t take the chill out of the wind.”

Others from Melbourne, Tasmania and Canberra added that in their parts of town, Kathmandu puffer jackets, rather than North Face ones, rule the roost.

The video came days after Olan shared another video mocking Aussies for being “dramatic” when it comes to the cold, saying, “Australians in the winter man... you lot can’t wait to bring out the North Face jacket,”.

“It’s not even that cold man, all you need is a light jumper and you’re ready to roll.”

However, in a hilarious twist that caught many of his followers by surprise, Olan has since revealed that he’s gone out and bought himself a North Face jacket - and it’s a black puffy one like the majority of people in his TikTok were wearing.

“Listen, listen, listen, listen, listen. Don’t judge me, we’ve all had a change of heart or changing options on certain things,” he laughs in the video shared on Monday.

TikToker olantekkers wearing a black The North Face jacket
Just two days later, Olan succumbed to peer pressure and bought himself a black North Face jacket. Photo: TikTok/olantekkers

“Yes, I conformed to societal pressures and social norms, it’s part of being Australian and embracing the culture. It’s not my fault I put on the jacket and I felt like Ironman!”

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Models wear black North Face jackets beside graphic
Models wear black North Face jackets beside graphic

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