Aussie woman unrecognisable after 169kg weight loss

Queensland woman Carolyn Zurvas was warned by doctors two years ago that if she continued to gain weight, she would die.

At the time, she was 52 and weighed 238kg, barely able to walk unaided.

Deciding to change her life, Carolyn lost 32kg then underwent a gastric bypass, which helped her drop a mind-blowing 169kg over two years.

"It's shocking to think I once weighed almost 240kg and could barely leave the house,” she said.

"People would ask me in the street, 'why are you so fat?' and I couldn't give them an answer.”

Queensland woman Carolyn Zurvas lost an incredible 169kg over two years. Photo: Caters

Carolyn suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage in her twenties, and said she had been gaining weight since then.

"I couldn't move past it and piled on 40kg in the first few months after our loss as I used any type of unhealthy food as a way to cope.

"By the time I was in my forties, I could barely walk, drive a car or even sit on a chair without fearing I'd get stuck.

"But the turning point was when I went out for my 50th birthday to a local pub and I struggled to even walk from the car to the house.”

Soon afterwards, she began researching weight loss options and decided on a gastric bypass.

That was in 2017, and she was careful to follow a strict diet and gym routine afterwards.

"It hasn't been easy but I feel like my life has just began,” she said.

"I am now on the waiting list for excess skin removal there's 10kg worth across my arms, boobs, and stomach to remove.

"But for now I'm thrilled with my weight loss results. I'm no longer asked by strangers why I'm so fat or why I have let myself go, it's amazing.

"I have even been able to reverse my type two diabetes, I'm a completely different person."

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