Aussie TikToker shocked to discover boyfriend didn't exist

Aussie TikToker shocked to discover boyfriend didn't exist. Source: @christineabadir / TikTok

Video transcript

CHRISTINE ABADIR: I go to New Zealand. I want to meet this person. And they say that they're at this "Scorpio Club." So I go. And I message him, and I'm like, are you there? And he says, yes. And I stand outside asking him to come out. And he tells me, I'm not at Scorpio anymore, I'm at Orange. The red flags were all there. Like, I bet you're all wondering, Christine, at this point, it's a catfish [BLEEP]. Like, open up your eyes. I didn't even think it was a catfish until my friends and my mates actually told me.

We tracked the number of the person, and we found out that it was a girl. The whole time it was [BLEEP] girl. I'm not going to leak her details because I'm not that type of person. But be aware, if you like someone online, especially online, video call or FaceTime them to see if they exist.