Missy Higgins' comeback: 'I had something to say'

Anita Lyons

Australian singer Missy Higgins catapulted into the music scene in 2004 with her hit firstScar and then went on to produce three studio albums, until a hiatus in 2012.

Now, six years after being out of the spotlight, the soulful singer is back with a brand new album, Solastalgia, and Missy is married with a three-year-old son, Samuel and a baby girl on the way.

“I felt like I had something to say and I felt inspired," Missy exclusively told Be of her comeback. "I think I felt particularly inspired after having a kid and I felt as though it unlocked parts of me and made me more aware about certain things around me."

"It makes you see the world in a different way.”

Missy Higgins has made a comeback with her new album 'Solastalgia' out Friday 27th April. Source: Instagram/missyhigginsmusic

While being a Mum has certainly changed her creative process, she also believes that it's important to teach her children to be aware of what's going on around them.

"It’s easy to stay in your little bubble as an adult, even and as a little kid," Missy said. "But you have to find a balance of not scaring them or teaching them too much about the problems in the world too early on."

"I want them to have a really carefree childhood but I want them to eventually be interested in these things that their parents will be interested in as well or at least be informed or be able to make their own decisions.”

Missy is pregnant with her second child, a little girl. Source: Instagram/missyhigginsmusic

“You also can’t help but to stop a bit of navel gazing, you become much less important, and you’re eyes are back a bit and you start noticing a lot more around you. I suddenly felt like I had a lot to say about things I hadn’t previously.”

Her new album touches on the distress of time passing and an unknown future for the next generation, and this is what the word Solastalgia means.

Missy Higgins signing her new album, Solastalgia, which describes the distress caused by environmental damage to your homeland. Source: Instagram/missyhigginsmusic

"It touches on my fear about bringing a child into the word," she said of the name, coined by Australian professor Glenn Albrecht.

Missy has had an incredible year already, touring with British superstar Ed Sheeran (which by the way was "so much fun and crazy") and then appearing on QandA on the ABC to advocate for the refugees.

Missy performs with British megastar Ed Sheeran at Suncorp Stadium, 21st March. Source: Youtube

“I think rather than focusing on getting a message across to my audience, I focus on self-expression because it happens to be something I am thinking about at the time. I don’t want to preach to anyone or tell them how to live."

"I do use music as a way to work through my own feelings and if that moves people or causes them to think about their own lives or hold up a mirror to society that’s a bonus.”

Missy performed support for Ed Sheeran during his Australian tour. Source: Getty

Missy Higgins album Solastalgia is on sale on Friday 27 April.

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