Aussie mum reveals son's eerie 'ghost friend'

Eliza Velk

It's not uncommon for a four-year-old to have imaginary friends but what would you do if that imaginary friend was actually a ghost?

For the Slinn family, this was an eerie revelation when they noticed their son Nicholas talking about his new friend Bailey.

Speaking to The Daily Advertiser, his mother Ruth said it all started with a visit to Wagga hospital.

Ruth and Lloyd Slinn faced the eerie revelation that their son was talking to a ghost. Source: Supplied

“My husband had a heart attack and we were visiting him,” Ruth said. “I didn’t think much of it at the time, but Nicholas was saying, ‘Mum this is amazing’.”

Nicholas then wouldn't stop talking about Bailey and described him as a "boy who was naughty and got hurt and had died in the hospital".

Ruth admitted this type of thing is not something she usually believed yet given her son had such specific details around Bailey's age and his death, she decided to seek a second opinion.

Speaking with the Historical Society they didn't think it was strange at all and instead said: "We know exactly what you're talking about".

An archived Daily Advertiser article linked Nicholas' ghost friend to 14-year-old Frederick Bailey who died at Wagga hospital in 1944, after an accident involving gelignite.

According to the article, Frederick and his friend, Colin Moiler, had been playing with the explosive material before the unexpected blast killed both of the young teens.

The Daily Advertiser records revealed Nicholas' ghost friend is actually Frederick Bailey who died playing with explosives. Source: Supplied

“Naughty Bailey is not just an imaginary friend,” Ruth. “There are so many specific details … like the picture he drew with odd-looking hands,” she told the publication.

Ruth then went on a mission to rid the ghost from their family home, and even called in a ghost busters group for support.

They attempted to find his family in hopes Bailey would stay with them, but that didn't work either.

“We took him to his parents and thought we got rid of him,” Ruth said. “But Nicholas says Bailey ‘hates’ his parents … that’s not a word he’s used before.”

The resting place of 14-year-old Frederick Bailey and his mother. Source: Supplied

Nicholas now says the 14-year-old ghost lives next door and comes to visit sometimes for sleepovers.

And that's not eerie at all...

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