Aussie influencer Flex Mami 'demystifies' her success: 'Not the case'

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Lillian Ahenkan, also know as DJ Flex Mami poses during a photo shoot in Sydney, New South Wales
Lillian Ahenkan, also know as Flex Mami is demystifying the secrets to her success. Photo: Getty Images.

Lillian Ahenkan has many strings to her bow — DJ, influencer, podcaster and entreprenuer are just a few — and now she's pulling back the curtain on how she got to where she is today.

Yes, the 26-year-old Sydneysider has 150k followers on Instagram, has appeared on Big Brother and has, most recently, become a best-selling author but she wants you to know that you too can live your dreams.

That's why Lillian — known as Flex Mami to her fans — has distilled her unique formula for achieving her goals into a book, The Success Experiment, which is also available in audiobook form (narrated by Lil herself, of course).

In a break from the traditional 'self-help' framework, Lil kicks off her book by laying bare her flaws: she dropped out of uni not once but twice, she's prone to burnout and cynicism and has poor time management skills.

Lillian Ahenkan holding a copy of her book, The Success Experiment. Photo: Instagram/flex.mami.
The Success Experiment is out now in paperback and audiobook form. Photo: Instagram/flex.mami.

This was a deliberate decision to get a specific point across, as she explains to Yahoo Lifestyle in an exclusive chat.

"I told my publishers [if] I was going to write this book I needed it to be accurate and I needed to demystify all of it," she says.


'It' being what Lil describes as the 'gaps in the big picture' of her life that the public, particularly those on social media, just don't see.

"I hated the narrative that people who are more likely to experience success have to be exceptional because it's just not the case.

"But my ego feels really special, like, in my inner world I'm like, 'You are one of a kind babe, no one can do it like you,' but I'm well aware that so much about the way I function is not conducive to traditional success, it's not conducive to work-life balance. It's not conducive to a high quality of work, but somehow I do it.

"I think it's really important for people to see that, so they're not reading this book thinking about all the ways they need to change or suppress huge parts of their identity to perform successfully."

Lillian Ahenkan wearing a black outfit and an orange head scarf in front of a purple wall. Photo: Instagram/flex.mami.
'I'm a human person who's done some pretty extraordinary things, not a superhuman person who did some extraordinary things'. Photo: Instagram/flex.mami.

Instead what readers will get from Lil is a practical guide to creating their own bespoke formula for success, whatever that happens to look like.

And while the book isn't specifically about Lil, it is broken down into the six chronological steps she takes when pursuing a goal, which are: identifying who you are, who you want to be, what you want and why as well as how you're going to achieve it and what happens when you do.

It's all served up in Lil's signature no-nonsense, and, at times disarmingly honest manner that resonates so strongly with her fellow millenials and Gen Z-ers online.

"I know that a lot of us when it comes to personal development we think really aspirationally like, 'I want to be the girl who meditates,' and, 'I want to be the guy who does yoga 20 times a day,' and that's great.

"But up until you get to that point, let's talk actionable, let's talk about what you can actually do sitting down, hunched over on your phone that can actually improve your life far more than learning how to do like a child's pose, in my opinion."

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