Aussie influencer's six-month baby bump confuses followers

Aussie influencer's six-month baby bump confuses followers

An Aussie influencer is raising eyebrows after sharing a photo of her baby bump at six months.

Proving once again that every body is different, 24-year-old Belle Lucia looks more like she’s just finished lunch, than her second trimester, but that doesn’t mean she’s ok with being body shamed for it.

“This is my bump when not pregnant…” one of her fans commented after she shared a photo of herself holding her bump in a bikini.

Another wrote, “If I didn’t read the caption, I would’ve thought pregnant at all ! Wow”, and a third said, “I was like that at week 3... and you still have abs…”

Bella, who lives in London, has previously responded to comments about her bump size, stressing that body shaming is never ok.

“As you can see, women show very differently but are all carrying a little life,” she told her followers.

“Just because I'm not showing as much as you like doesn't mean my pregnancy is 'unhealthy' or that I'm promoting a 'skinny' pregnancy.

“It's just my body and I can't help it if it doesn't look the same as other women.”

Small bumps

Fellow influencer Sarah Stage copped a lot of backlash and body shaming from her followers for the same reason when she was expecting both her children.

She received comments like, “Is the child underdeveloped or a damn jelly bean cause her stomach makes no sense?” and promptly hit back.

“I think that is so rude. My baby is healthy and we are happy,” Sarah told Good Morning America.

“I don’t know how someone could say something like that to a pregnant woman.”

Blogger and first time mum Amy Marie Roberts was also judged for her small bump at five months pregnant and told Yahoo Lifestyle she questioned whether it was normal.

“According to pregnancy websites and all of these ridiculous motherhood forums, I should have a bump by now,” she said.

“If you look at my internet history you’ll probably find my most-searched phrases recently are: ‘I don’t have a bump yet, is this normal?’, ‘Why don’t I have a bump yet?’, ‘Has my baby stopped growing?’”

“I did some research into why my baby bump hasn’t ‘popped’ yet and apparently having an inverted pelvis (which I do have) can slow down the process because your bump is effectively growing inside you until your pelvis eventually tips forward at around 18 weeks.”

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