Aussie grandmother catfished out of $380,000 by three lovers

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An Australian grandmother who was scammed out of $380,000 over the course of three relationships has issued a warning to other online daters.

Suzie spoke in an interview with A Current Affair about her dire catfishing, which saw all three men wrangle her out of her whole life savings.

The first man Suzie met online claimed to be a wholesome British charmer, who managed to talk the gran into giving him access to her bank account.

Suzie believed he was simply transferring money out for a laptop but just a few days later, she realised that he had actually cleared her account of $76,000.

And Australian grandmother has been scammed out of $380,000 by three online lovers. Photo: Channel 9/ A Current Affair

He got away with $80,000 in total of her father’s inheritance money and she never heard from him again.

But that didn’t stop Suzie from going back online, where she was caught by a man claiming to be an American United Nations member.

Fast-forward just twelve months and he was already asking Suzie to send him money.

The gran ended up selling her house and he got away with $300,000 of her savings.

“I went along with it because I felt, wow, I’ve actually got somebody in my life now and I’m committed to this man,” Suzie told A Current Affair.

It turns out that there were five other women around the world being catfished by the same man and were transferring money to his account, which was in fact in Ghana, not America as he had stated.

While she was still reeling from being scammed for a second time, Suzie met her third suitor on Facebook, who was from Uganda.

Suzie claims: ‘These people are evil, how they manipulate your mind’

Six-months-ago she flew to Africa and married him, before sending him money from Australia.

Suzie now admits that she believes his real motive was to marry her so he could move from Uganda to Australia.

“I want it to be known to other women and men that this is what happens, you’re not alone,” she said.

“These people are evil, how they manipulate your mind.”

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