Aussie celebs reveal their favourite TV moment of the year at the Logies

Celebrities hit the TV WEEK Logie Awards red carpet on Sunday 19 June to celebrate Australian TV’s night of nights. We asked them to reveal their favourite TV moment of the year - here's what they had to say.

Video transcript

LACHLIN GUERTIN: Hi, I'm Lachlan Guertin from Yahoo Lifestyle. And we are here at the 62nd TV Week Logie Awards. Well, what is your favorite TV moment from the past year as well? Obviously we're celebrating Australian TV--

JOHANNA GRIGGS: Oh, I can tell you. It would have to be the Paralympics for Tokyo.


JOHANNA GRIGGS: I was lucky, I hosted the Olympics and the Paralympics. And I think the fact that we had 50% Paralympians and able-bodied in our commentary team and our hosting team, and they were just-- the athletes gave us so many heartfelt and authentic and amazing moments. And I would happily-- If I have never do anything else, I would happily host Paralympics for the rest of my life, or just work behind the scenes on it. I just loved every second of it.

ELLA DING: It was my wedding day. Yeah, that was my favorite moment on reality TV this year.

HAMISH BLAKE: I think back to Goggleboxing and we were like--

ZOE FOSTER-BLAKE: Well, we liked being on it. Yeah--

HAMISH BLAKE (CHUCKLING): Yeah but you can't say us, honey. Can't say us.


ZOE FOSTER-BLAKE: We're such bingers. We can't even remember a show that we just watched.

HAMISH BLAKE: Like, I do go hard. Like "Survivors" and "SAS," that's right up my-- that is right up my alley.

SOPHIE MONK: Oh I did watch "Married At First Sight." I was addicted. It was good.

JANINE ALLIS: Um, look, I think the winner of "Survivor" was pretty cool. Yeah, with Mark, that was good.

LEIGH SALES: I really enjoyed "The Newsreader," the ABC series, which I think nominated for a heap of awards tonight. And I really liked "Love Me," which was just fantastic drama as well. So yeah, I think they would be the two standouts.

ADA NICODEMOU: I watch so much TV, I don't know.


RAY MEAGHER: Oh my God, I don't know. You know, we make so much of the stuff-- 46 weeks of the year, say 50 weeks of the year, roughly five episodes a week, 250 episodes. I'm flat out remembering where I live or what my name is or any of that sort of stuff. A one moment in all of that. Sorry.


It's mash. (LAUGHING)

REGGIE BIRD: Oh, I don't know. I love so many things on Australian TV because I don't have, like, pay TV--


REGGIE BIRD: So, I'm all--

ESTELLE LANDY: Simple girl.

REGGIE BIRD: Yeah. Australian TV, I love it.

JOHN AIKEN: Uh, it's probably a sporting moment. You know, I do-- I do love my league. I think the Panthers getting up was a pretty big thing.

ANDY ALLEN: I reckon my favorite TV moment is still to come.


ANDY ALLEN: We're down on top 9 on the show, "MasterChef." And there's one [INAUDIBLE] in particular, which is at the juicy end of the competition. It's a doozy.

NATALIE ABBOTT: Oh, God. That is our big-- I mean, "Aftertaste" season one, that's kind of like a big moment. Am I allowed to say that?

LACHLIN GUERTIN: Yeah, of course--

NATALIE ABBOTT: That's kind of biased.

SONIA KRUGER: Well, "The Voice" always does. It's just such a joy to work with those coaches, you know, they're awesome, just-- Mauboy is here tonight, she's performing. So yeah, I'm really-- I'm very lucky. Every day I do count my blessings because I know that I'm privileged to host these shows.

SOPHIE DILLMAN: I mean, look, we've worked really hard at home and away. And there's been some incredible moments on our show, which we've gotten to and succeeded in filming, that have felt really fantastic, I think--

PATRICK O'CONNOR: Especially with having to work through COVID and everything. To see that finally go to air and to show that even amongst all those tough conditions, we can still put up a show. So it's been great.

MARK WALES: Probably mine is, like, watching the premiere of our show. It was cool fun because [INAUDIBLE] you wait, spent six months getting ready for it. And then when it all comes out, it's good to watch.


NATALIE BASSINGTHWAIGHTE: This is a big question. "Space 22" on ABC. If you have missed it, you've got to go back and check it out.

LACHIE GILL: I'm wondering if I can be biased with that and say (LAUGHING) that when I saw myself be the winner of "The Voice," that was pretty nuts, to be honest.

SAM MAC: Ooh. It's not on our network, but the Socceroos making the World Cup the other day. (CHUCKLING) Probably shouldn't say that, but so good!

HEATHER MITCHELL: Working on "Love Me."

BOJANA NOVAKOVIC: Working on "Love Me," the sex scene between Heather and Hugo. (LAUGHING)

HEATHER MITCHELL: How many times have you watched it?

BOJANA NOVAKOVIC: He said has there been a favorite television moment, and I said that's my favorite moment--


BOJANA NOVAKOVIC: --because I think it's imperative and incredible to watch people in their 60s--


BOJANA NOVAKOVIC: --being sexual. No, I didn't say old people. I'm nearly there.


DOMENICA CALARCO: Oh my God, I think I feel "MAFS" in its entirety was in a whole iconic Australian TV moment. We had everything on there. And I think if that's not iconic, I don't know what is.

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