Aussie business joins four-day week

ESS Shipping moves to 4 day work week. Picture Nine.JPG
An Aussie family-owned business is joining the four-day work week movement. Picture: Nine

Another Australian business is joining the charge towards a four-day work week.

A federal parliamentary committee report released earlier this year backed plans for the alternative work structure, including support for the controversial 100:80:100 model of productivity.

Under the model, staff are paid the same salary as if they worked a five-day week, with the same workload, but are only rostered on four days each week.

Family-owned business EES Shipping in Perth have jumped on the bandwagon, with managing director Brian Hack believing the workplace shake-up could to boost staff productivity.

“So we want 100 per cent output for 80 per cent of the time but 100 per cent pay,” he told Nine News.

MINNS: CEO Sleepout
ESS shipping has joined the movement towards a four-day work week. Picture: NCA NewsWire/Simon Bullard.

The team rotates through the week with one day off on either Tuesday, Thursday or Friday.

“Staff morale is up, productivity is up,” Mr Hack said, adding that there had been less sick days since the new roster was implemented.

“I believe this is the way forward and we’re just jumping the gun.”

Health researchers from the University of South Australia released the findings of a study last month that supported the health benefits of a three-day weekend.

Senior researcher Carol Maher said the research showed major improvements in participants’ sleep quality and physical activity with recognisable flow-on impacts for mental health.

ESS Shipping moves to 4 day work week. Picture Nine.JPG
The Perth business said staff morale and productivity is up. Picture: Nine News

The researchers also found even after the weekend, sleep quality remained elevated for up to two weeks, providing support for the move towards a four-day week.

Oxfam Australia became the first company to offer staff a four-day work week after the landmark federal report was released in March.

The non-profit organisation proposed a six-month trial of the new work roster without any sacrifice to their 97 employees salaries.