Aussie blogger's shocking before and after bloat photos

Allison Yee
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

She’s the glamorous personal trainer with an epic six-pack who seems to be in glowing good health.

But Sydney-based Elena Arathimos has shared how she suffers from painful and debilitating bloating nearly every time she eats in eye-opening before and after pics.

Taking to social media with a photo of how her Instagram family are used to seeing her – looking fit, healthy and toned – Elena follows it up with a video showing her in a white bikini with her belly protruding out.

Elena shared the painful reality of her post-food bloat to her social media followers. Photo: Instagram/bella_be_active

“Okay girls, just trying to keep it real with you on here,” wrote Elena. “The first photo was taken first thing in the morning, after a workout, good lighting & no breakfast (yet). Second photo is me most days after I eat most foods.”

The 34-year-old goes on to explain she “never really had a problem with food intolerances until about a year ago”, but since then, has struggled with food and how her body reacts after she eats.

“I take probiotics every day & try my very best to stay clear of eggs, dairy & sugar (my three big triggers) & my three favorite things to eat,” the personal trainer explains of her food triggers.

Elena’s condition has seen her resorting to asking her 113,000 Instagram followers for help, urging anyone who has suffered the same symptoms and managed to get it under control to get in touch.

Until then, Elena admits she’s trying her best to minimise the bloating any way she can.

“I try to be active most days, eat relatively healthy, take my vitamins, get my 8 hours sleep, drink loads of water & still have my bad days,” she wrote.

“I will try my best to get to the bottom of this… Imagine walking around with a flat tummy after you eat! Not having to change you’re outfit to accommodate the bloat! And man it’s friken painful at times too!!”

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