The 4th-gen August WiFi smart lock returns to a record low of $180

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August's WiFi smart lock is on sale again ahead of Black Friday. Wellbots has the smart home gadget for a record low of $180 when you use the code ENGADLOCKBF at checkout. We've seen the smart lock go on sale a few times in the past couple of months, but now's another opportunity to get it before Black Friday proper at its best price yet.

Buy August WiFi smart lock at Wellbots - $180

If you're unfamiliar, August's 4th-generation WiFi smart lock builds upon the solid foundation of the previous model. It's noticeably smaller and also doesn't require a bridge like the previous one did since it connects to WiFi. August's mobile app will walk you through the setup process, and during that you'll be forced to turn on two-factor authentication. We appreciate that this is an unskippable step as it adds another layer of security to the device. You're also getting Bluetooth encryption plus AES 128-bit and TLS encryption with this smart lock, too.

The setup process is pretty straightforward, and once installed, you'll be able to use your smartphone to remotely lock or unlock your door. If and when you want to let a friend or family member inside your home when you're not there, you can do the unlocking yourself or send them secure virtual keys that will let them get inside. The app also shows you an activity feed, so you can see who opened your door and when. We also like the Auto-Lock and DoorSense features for peace of mind: the former automatically secures the lock when you shut the door and the latter tells you if your door is securely closed, so you don't have to rush back home if you don't remember shutting it.

And just because you've made the move to a smart lock doesn't mean your old-school keys are worthless. You can still use your keys to get inside, which will come in handy on the rare occasions when the smart lock's dual CR123 batteries need replacing. Just remember to check August's support page before you buy to make sure your deadbolt is compatible with the device.

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