A woman redesigned popular logos — and brands are using them

A TikToker revamped iconic logos. Now major brands are begging her to redesign theirs. Emily Zugay has over 884,000 followers on TikTok. "I graduated college with a degree in design and I redesigned some popular logos I think we can all agree are ugly," Zugay said. She turned H&R Block's green block into a circle and moved the green block over to Apple's logo, which became a green square that said "apple" . The video received 12 million views which prompted more logo redesigns by Zugay. "After going through the comments, a lot of large brands reached out to me for new logos, so I said yes," she explained in a follow-up video. Zugay has remade logos by Nascar, Tampax, The Washing Post, Tinder, TikTok and Ocean Spray. The logos featured Zugay's signature style of design errors, misspelled names and amateur details. But the real fun came from the fact that each brand was eager to be in on the joke. Nearly all of the companies changed their official logos on TikTok to Zugay's work

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