Chipotle employee reveals ‘game-changing’ burrito bowl hack

The latest Chipotle TikTok hack could be a “game-changer.” That is, if you love cheesy burrito bowls. The order tip, courtesy of Chipotle employee Jack Early, will allegedly make your meal “that much better”. If you want shredded cheese in your bowl or salad, order it first, before the rice, beans and everything else. This way, the cheese stays warm and actually melts into the other ingredients. Usually, when the cheese is added toward the end of an order, it stays cold and solid. Some Chipotle lovers certainly seemed excited, though. Many praised Early’s trick as a “game-changer”. Other commenters, however, said they were afraid to ask for their food out of order because they didn’t want to “bother” the employees. For those who are willing to ask a few extra questions, though, Early’s TikTok page has plenty of tips and tricks for improving your meal

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