Ateez’s San addresses alleged racism at Dolce & Gabbana show


Ateez member San has spoken out about the racial discrimination fans allege he faced at the Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda show in Milan on July 2. Concerns arose after observers noted that his seat lacked a cushion and that he was given a genderless outfit, which some claimed to be racist toward Asians.

  • On his outfit: San addressed the allegations during a livestream with fans on Monday. Regarding the outfit, he said he chose it himself from a selection of 10 pieces. “It was an opportunity to showcase different looks, and considering the show's identity of haute couture and Alta Moda, I wanted to challenge myself. I thought it was a modern and artistically wonderful outfit,” he said in part.

  • On his seating: As for his seating, San said he chose to sit without a cushion. “First of all, I sat like that myself. The person next to me had a large build. I also have a large build, don't I? I'm naturally introverted, and sitting in a narrow space made me feel sorry, so I sat slightly forward,” he explained.


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