Astute Aussie Understands the Assignment When Mom Asks for Help With the Dishes

Just like humans, dogs can have very different personalities. While ours might be expert couch potatoes, others need a job. These activities not only help to deter unwanted behaviors but can also give them a purpose.

This young bundle of energy and enthusiasm loves nothing more than being his mom's little helper. While most of us might not relish the thought of doing dishes, his zest for housework is truly infectious!

Prepare to be amazed by this video from July 9, showcasing this incredible Aussie's talent for doing chores.

This gorgeous dog loads the dishwasher better than many humans. Even better is that Sam (@samandanabel) does it with excitement, an emotion not frequently shared by teenagers who are asked to do their chores. After receiving a comment online, Anabel got the idea to teach her pup how to do the dishes, and she hit it out of the park. She purchased dishes specifically to teach Sam how to do them, and this intelligent dog wasted no time putting them to use. Not only did he understand where to place the utensils, but he could even put not one but two pans in with ease. Holy cow! If that wasn't enough, he also understood when it was time to pull out the top rack for a mug. But he still wasn't done. After waiting for Mom to load the dish soap, he helped her close the door and check to ensure it started. Once everything was complete, he gave her a high five to celebrate a job well done.

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Tips for Teaching a Dog to Do Special Tricks

  1. Set the foundation by mastering basic commands.

  2. When showing a new trick, positively reinforce the behavior you want to see with lots of praise and a high-value reward.

  3. Continue to repeat the behaviors and extend the time between receiving their rewards.

  4. Be patient and have fun! Like us, pets are more willing to keep playing when they enjoy the game.

Pet parents were impressed by these helpful skills. Viewer @steph.roca responded, "The fact that he knows how to ensure everything is facing down in the dishwasher is mind-blowing!" He perfectly showcases why Australian Shepherds are not your average dog. Viewer @thelileycrew remarked, "I just showed this video to my children; I said if a dog can learn, so can you!" It's the truth! Viewer @pawsitive_liliana offered, "Anabel. Your talent is beyond Instagram creator. Have you ever considered training a service dog for immobile patients? I think that service dog training organizations would love your extraordinary skills. By the way, Sam is way too cute! I want to hug him." Her abilities, just like Sam's, are incredible!

This clever dog and his smart mom are an inspiration for us all. If he can be taught to do the dishes, ours can undoubtedly learn to come when called.